Who We Are and How We Work

W ilson Audio specializes in the sales, service and installation of premium Audio and Video components. We provide our clients with everything needed to achieve a quality sounding system, indoors or out. We love to educate our customers so you can make the best decision and have a reason to buy a better sounding product. We believe that Sound Quality is of the utmost importance

Wilson Audio is the ONLY Hi-End Audio Store left in New Orleans. We are also fully insured and pride ourselves on our vast knowledge and experience in the audio/video industry. And, unlike any of the “big box” stores, we offer the ability to demonstrate equipment and talk about the merits of a product at our store. This is how Wilson Audio likes to do business.

Our company can handle any residential or commercial projects.  Our employees are experienced installers dedicated to getting the job done right.  A local New Orleans company that is here to stay, Wilson Audio hand picks and uses only the highest quality products available in the industry.  From sales, installation and service we are committed to customer satisfaction.

Our Team

  • Jarrod Bagley
    Sales Professional & Marketing coordinator

    Hailing from the high desert of Albuquerque New Mexico, Jarrod has recently relocated to Louisiana to be closer to his family.  He enjoys working as a studio technician and teaching private music lessons in his free time, and can be found visiting our local concert venues with his lovely fiancé Hillary on any given weekend. His time spent at Listen Up in Albuquerque gave him the tools necessary to assist you with any audio/video projects you can dream up. Jarrod specializes in building home theaters, and distributed audio/video systems with a focus on robust network environments.

  • Doug Wilson
    Doug Wilson
    Founder / Sales Professional

    Doug opened Wilson Audio in June of 1974 with the intention of offering quality audio components at reasonable pricing.  His trained ear and vast knowledge of countless equipment (old and new ) makes him an expert in all things audio.  When not dedicating his time to his business he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.  Email

  • Doug Morrison
    Store Owner, Project Manager, and Sales Professional

    A Wilson Audio employee of 12 years, Morrison has been involved in every aspect of the small business. Starting out as an installation technician, he learned the art of proper speaker placement and the importance of using the correct cabling. In addition, his background as a certified mechanic and electrician gave him the ability to troubleshoot and fix most problems that arise with electronics. However, it was his passion for creating and playing music as a bass guitarist that provided him the perfect fit to be Wilson Audio's new owner. Like Doug Wilson, Doug Morrison will now be blessed with having a job that fulfills his passion. He now owns a company where music can remain a part of his life every day.

  • Tom
    Tom Morris
    In-house Sales

    Tom Morris began his work for Wilson Audio as an installer over 25 years ago.  He is now an in-house salesman who is eager to offer audio-related advice.  Besides music, sailing is his passion.