Audio Research Ref 6 preamplifier


    It has been 22 years since the inception of the “reference” series of products from Audio Research, and it’s safe to say AR’s not resting on their laurels. The Ref 6 preamplifier is not merely this years new model, nor is it last years old unit with a fancy new chassis. (although it does have a fancy new chassis…) This is a completely new design from Audio Research born out of a necessity for a reference level preamp that can be paired with the massively successful SE series of amplifiers.

    arc-ref6_circuitboard-1024x658The newly designed chassis not only looks great, but affords the Ref 6 better structural integrity & heat dissipation. That ability to absorb the heat is well needed with the six 6H30 tubes found in the audio circuit. (2 more than on the Reference 5SE) Newly designed circuit boards, improved capacitors/resistors, and a larger power supply round out the internals on the new Ref 6. The new larger power supply will ensure that the preamp has a longer service cycle, and isn’t as susceptible to problems caused by long periods of operation.


    The Reference 6 power supply also lowers the noise floor considerably, and simultaneously improves the bass imaging. It offers much better three dimensional imaging with a wider sound stage than it’s predecessors. The ref-6-backtransparency, sonic brilliance, and speed exemplify the characteristics people have come to expect from Audio Research. This preamp lives up to what it means to be an AR “reference” level product in every way.


    Wilson Audio proudly demos this fine preamp, as well as the rest of Audio Research’s award winning lineup, at our retail showroom in Metairie, LA. Please schedule a visit today so you can hear the difference for yourself.

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