Cambridge Audio TV-5 v2


    Cambridge Audio got their start way back in 1968 with a relatively simple, yet incredibly musical, stereo amplifier they dubbed tv-5-with-tvthe P-40. Since then the landscape of home entertainment & HiFi has changed immensely, but Cambridge has kept the spirit of their original design concept alive. They have always strived to balance the traditional “British sound”, which doesn’t favor any particular frequency band, with an overall intuitive ease of use. The newly designed TV-5 v2 is no exception. It is a true all in one system in a box, capable of reinforcing the sound of almost any television. All of this is accomplished in a sleek chassis that fits neatly underneath your TV set.


    brit-logo-cambridgeThe TV-5 v2 boasts an impressive assortment of inputs including audio return channel (A.R.C.) HDMI hookup, Tos-link optical, and RCA connections. This ensures connectivity regardless of what make or model TV you own. On the majority of modern televisions a single HDMI cable is all that is necessary for connectivity. If you happen to have an older set, you will still be able to integrate this piece into your system via RCA or Optical cables. The TV-5 v2 is not only flexible when it comes to cabling, Cambridge even provides the cabling in the box.


    The TV-5 v2 also includes AptX Bluetooth wireless connectivity for any Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Between the wireless playback options, ease of use, assortment of inputs, and fantastic sound, this TV-5 v2 adds a lot to your system without being to demanding on your wallet. At a trim $299.00 I think this is a great piece of hardware anyone could find a spot for in their home for. We demo the Cambridge Audio TV-5 v2, as well as a multitude of other Cambridge products, at our retail showroom in Metairie, LAnu-wilson-audio-logo

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