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Avoid the Heat Wave

    Avoid the Heat Wave Summer is officially here, and with all the fun and sun comes added heat. Overheating is the root cause of most failures of tube & solid state electronics, but it’s an avoidable trap. Generally, the best way to keep audio equipment out of the danger zone is to make sure it’s

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    Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

      This solid, reliable turntable rivals the best players out there for sound reproduction. Best has reported that the Debut Carbon is one of its top picks for turntables on the market. They report, “you can’t argue against the fantastic sound!” Pro-Ject Audio Systems was founded by Heinz Lichtenegger 1990 in Vienna, with the idea

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      Why Vinyl?

        WHY Vinyl? We have seen a resurgence of turntable sales in our business over the past 3 years and have frequently been asked why, in 2016, do people still want to hear their music on vinyl.  From our experience This is our interpretation: The SOUND –  There is a discernible difference between audio produced digitally versus analog,

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