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NAD T-758 v3 A/V receiver

    NAD is back with the latest iteration of their monstrously popular A/V receiver, the T-758 V3. This new version of the 758 has all the updated features consumers expect from a home theater integrated amplifier, as well as the full, rich sound NAD has become famous for. This seven channel surround sound processor can now

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    Cambridge Audio TV-5 v2

      Cambridge Audio got their start way back in 1968 with a relatively simple, yet incredibly musical, stereo amplifier they dubbed the P-40. Since then the landscape of home entertainment & HiFi has changed immensely, but Cambridge has kept the spirit of their original design concept alive. They have always strived to balance the traditional “British

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      Selecting your home theater

        Home Theater      A lot of people have an interest in setting up a home theater system to compliment their TV/Projector, but how you accomplish that goal tends to vary. For me, it’s all about taking the room into consideration. In some spaces a soundbar simply won’t do the trick. In others, running wire

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        A new horizon in Atmospheric immersion – Dolby Atmos

            Dolby Atmos® is the revolutionary cinema sound technology that has  now come to home theaters. With Dolby Atmos, content creators can precisely place and move sounds anywhere in your living room, including overhead, to make entertainment incredibly immersive and lifelike.   In the case of the home theater, every sound in the mix is

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          Cable & Interconnect F.A.Q.

            Frequently asked questions regarding Cables & Interconnects     You can see and hear an improvement in your system with a better cable. Simply put, better cables are like cleaning your windows. You realize afterward that images are clearer and sound more precise. Below are many commonly asked cable questions of both a general/observed and

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