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    DynAudio Xeo Wireless

    The HiFi system without a system…xeo-series





    DynAudio’s Xeo series combines wireless functionality with the legendary sonic characteristics of their acclaimed Danish speakers. The end result is a distinctly HiFi speaker that features the convenience of emerging wireless technology. Xeo seeks to eliminate the need for amplifiers, preamplifiers, and cabling by providing self powered wireless active speakers. Xeo minimizes your system to the essentials; the audio source and the speakers.


    Xeo can be paired with anything that plays music. From your mobile device to your existing system, your computer to your streaming client, Xeo connects it all. Utilizing the Xeo Hub & Connect, you can enable audio sources with three different digital inputs. It features digital coaxial, Tos-Link optical, and USB inputs capable of connecting computers, televisions, or streaming boxes. It also has a 3.5 mm stereo analogue jack and pair of RCA stereo inputs. The Connect Transmitter will even add WiFi integration with DLNA network, as well as, Bluetooth streaming functionality.

    The Extender and Link expand the Xeo system’s range to provide more routing possibilities. The Extender expands the range of a Xeo Hub or Connect.xeo-extender Xeo speakers positioned in other rooms or on different floors can now be bridged to a Hub or Connect easily. The link is a wireless receiver that can be used to add Xeo operation to other analogue and digital devices. This is a fantastic option for achieving wireless operation of a sub woofer or remote desktop headphone amplifier. The Link will operate in conjunction with Xeo speakers, or can be set to a separate zone and run independently.

    Xeo 2


    Xeo 4


    Xeo 6


    All Xeo series speakers feature wireless operation, digital amplifiers, digital signal processing options, aluminum voice coils, MSP cones, and soft dome tweeters. The Xeo 2, 4, and 6 are available in satin white or glossy black.

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