HiFi System under $2000


    HiFi System Under $2000

    Is it possible to get great sound at an attractive price? We believe we can put together a fantastic sounding stereo system that will appeal to the most discerning listener, without breaking the bank. Wilson Audio presents….

    A true HIFI system for under $2,000 Everything you need including speakers & cabling

    1. Cambridge Audio Topaz SR20 Stereo Receiver    

    Cambridge SR20 2Cambridge SR20 3

    This integrated receiver boasts an impressive array of features, as well as, 100 watts of clean output power. It features digital and analog inputs, A/B speaker terminals, front panel MP3 player input, dedicated sub woofer output, and a moving magnet & high output moving coil phono preamplifier. The SR20 will accommodate most bookshelf speakers and efficient floor standing cabinets. It its an affordable solution, loaded with features, that will ensure enjoyment of your music collection.

    Retail $649

    2. Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable

    Debut Carbon DC 2Debut Carbon DC

    Known throughout the world for solid performance at an attractive price, the Debut Carbon nails the basics. This turntable is also capable of being tricked out with an assortment of optional upgrades. One of our best selling tables, and highly recommended. The Debut Carbon offers a full, rich sound that enables you to enjoy your vinyl like never before. Included is an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.

    Retail $399

    3.Paradigm Mini Monitor speakers

    Paradigm Mini MonitorParadigm Mini Monitor grille

    Part of the series that has been a favorite of audiophiles since its inception, you’ll find that these speakers can find a home in almost any environment. With surprisingly low bass response, this is one of the biggest sounding bookshelf speakers on the market. There is not a better speaker available anywhere near this quality at this price point.


    Retail $598


    4. NAD C 516BEE CD Player

    NAD C 516BEE

    For your high performance HiFi system, this price conscience, expertly engineered CD player has unparalleled performance. The C 516BEE offers tight bass, ultra detailed accuracy, and incredibly dynamic playback. Included with the player is an audio interconnect cable and remote. Light on the wallet, but heavy on sound.

    Retail $299

    5. American Recorder 9′ Speaker Cables (pair)

    Rounding out our $2000 HiFi system we have a pair of nine foot, American Recorder, banana terminated speaker cables. These cables will  make certain that the quality of the aforementioned components translates to those marvelous Paradigm speakers. We can also make custom length cables with the termination of your choice for just a few dollars more…

    Retail $55


    Well, there you have it. An affordable, very capable, HiFi system under $2000, but that’s not where our story ends. We can customize this system with a minimal additional investment, and make the stereo truly your own. All reviewed equipment is currently available to demo at our showroom. Come and see us at our retail location in Metairie, LA and we can get started building yours today!