Mobile Fidelity is now at Wilson Audio


    Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs was founded in 1977 by a small group of dedicated audiophiles. Their goal was simple; faithfully reproduce high fidelity recordings by utilizing an ever expanding array of cutting edge technology. Today they are known for their incomparably state of the art remasters and huge selection of high resolution offerings on vinyl, CD, and SACD. What makes mobile fidelity different from other record companies is their ability to work closely with studio engineers like Ed Meitner, and companies like Pass Labs & Sony electronics. While other record companies tend to only offer digital remasters that are edited off the right and left channel of a digital recording, MoFi remixes the entire album from the original studio reel to reel tapes. Every instrument, every vocalist, every subtle nuance is reproduced so the listener is certain they are hearing every bit of the music they payed for. I personally guarantee that if you pick up a mobile fidelity Original Master Recording  you will hear parts of the selected music that you have never heard before. If a cello was unfortunately hidden behind the keys or rhythm guitar due to squelching in a recording, The MoFi Original Master Recording will offer the frequency spread to bring those instruments into the forefront.


    Wilson Audio is very pleased with the products offered by Mobile Fidelity and wants to invite you to hear the difference for yourself. We have already ordered a good selection of Original Master Recordings vinyl records, but if there is a particular record you are chasing, let us know and we can order it for you. Our retail showroom in Metairie, LA is stocked with some of these fantastic MoFi products and reference level playback devices to listen to them on.

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