NAD Classic Series Revolution


    A new design approach and modern playback options have created a bit of a paradox in NAD‘s new line of integrated amplifiers. The company was tasked with designing an all new class digital amplifier that still appeals to NAD’s loyal integrated amplifier market. The end result is entirely new, yet distinctly classic.


    The new Classic Series from NAD furthers their tradition of affordable, powerful, and easy to use integrated amplifiers. The new classic offerings have all the functional features of the previous line, but are now more in line with green manufacturing standards and power consumption regulations. NAD has moved away from old-fashioned linear power supplies and Class AB output stages to switch mode power supplies and Class D output stages. The result is a more powerful output stage that requires less voltage and generates less heat. All of this is achieved with almost immeasurable audible distortion, and the ability to match most impedance loads. These products represent a revolution in manufacturing standards, and are leading the charge in HiFi capable digital amplifiers.


    -NAD C 338 integrated digital amplifier

    The NAD C 338 features an all new moving magnet phono stage, as well as, an AptX bluetoooth input. Both of these are newnad-c338 to the series. You can also use the bluetooth functionality for wireless listening with bluetooth headphones while listening to a wired source component. NAD rounds out their new offering with app control remote manipulation via a smartphone or tablet.


    -NAD C 368 integrated digital amplifier

    The C 368 is equipped with all of the exciting features the C 338 is has, and more. In addition to the AptX bluetooth streaming and moving magnet phono stage, The C 368 also includes two expandable MDC slots. “Modular Design Concept“, ornad-c-368 (MDC), enables features that are not standard but can be added at the factory. These MDC cards can add 4K video pass through, Digital inputs, Moving Coil phono stage, and Bluesound operating system. The Bluesound OS card is a favorite among my group of coworkers. It enables the NAD with Wireless, app controlled, audio streaming from local hosts and subscription based music streaming accounts. Between the power, customization, and rugged build quality the NAD C 368 is sure to please almost any type of HiFi client.


    -NAD C 388 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier

    The most powerful of NAD’s new classic series, the C 388 boasts all the same features found above. It also features a nad-c-388separate headphone amplifier capable of driving a wide variety of impedance loads. This guarantees fantastic sound regardless of what headphones are being used. Even hard to drive studio headphones can be powered by the C 388. The output stage is just as flexible. The all new class D amplifier is well suited to drive almost any type of speaker. From small bookshelf speakers to large magneplanar and electrostatic loudspeakers, this stout integrated amp will accommodate it all. It’s functionality is furthered by it’s use of MDC card slots, allowing the client to choose the feature set they desire. What more could you ask for?


    If you are interested in a new integrated amplifier, we can provide a lot of compelling reasons to choose the new Classic Series from NAD, but don’t take my word for it. Come into our Wilson Audio showroom located in Metairie, LA and hear the difference for yourself.