Power Conditioners

RGPC 2A power protection component with line conditioning can remove most interference, allowing your system to perform at its full potential.

Some units help to stabilize the voltage they send to other components, keeping voltage within a narrow range. Voltage regulation helps ensure that high-performance equipment will perform at its best.

In addition, general purpose and inexpensive power strips will not fully protect sensitive audio/video components from damaging power spikes. They simply aren’t designed to offer the level of protection needed.  And they cannot filter out the everyday electronic interference from your home’s electrical wiring, phone line, and cable TV connections that can hurt your system’s performance.

To select the right power protection unit, you should consider the components it will be connected to — both now and in the foreseeable future. This can help you select a unit that provides an appropriate level of protection for your system.  Come in to see our recommended power conditioners and to learn more about how they can fully protect your equipment and provide improved performance.

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