“The New Blue” -Bluesound’s second generation music streamers

“The New Blue” -Bluesound’s second generation music streamers

Wireless music streaming has gained a considerable amount of traction in the home stereo market, and the convenience is very alluring to Audiophiles and early adopters alike. Unfortunately the majority of music streaming devices available in the past left something to be desired for specialty HiFiclientele. While other brands have enjoyed a dominant market share of this emerging industry, they have fallen short of delivering the sonic quality and clarity available by more traditional audio sources. It seemed like it was impossible to “have your cake and eat it too”, until now. Bluesound has elegantly bridged the gap between convenience of use and high resolution playback of digital music. Users will no longer be pressured to sacrifice musical fidelity in order to enjoy wireless, app controlled, streaming audio.

The current line up offered by Bluesound combines sleek, modern aesthetics with a powerhouse of technical functionality. The understated yet classy design of the components will accommodate the style of both traditional and more modern stereo systems. These amazing little machines don’t just look the part, though. With an impressive assortment of i/o configurations seeking an application for these devices is quite flexible. The Bluesound series can integrate easily into a home theater, dedicated 2 channel HiFi, standalone “mini” system, or even in a desktop office music solution. The possibilities appear endless, and because of the available inputs you will rarely have a compatibility issue with your current electronics. By adding more Bluesound products to your home or business, you can achieve seamless communication between multiple rooms and systems. It’s even possible to stream a turntableinto multiple rooms through your Bluesound enabled network.

We firmly believe you will agree this is the best wireless music streaming product on the market!

The Node 2, PowerNode 2, Vault 2 and Pulse are all on display in Wilson Audio!

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