Spendor SP100R2

Spendor SP100R2

As  most of our long term customers know, we’ve always been a fan of Spendor and their latest, the SP100R2 is of course, no exception!



These R2 series classic speakers combine all the advantages in materials technology that have been developed for the new Spendor speakers, but retain the traditional styling and sound balance one would expect from these monitor grade loudspeakers!

Presented in a traditional veneered enclosure, the Spendor SP100 R2 has a powerful visual presence to match its gloriously full scale sound.

An evolution of the classic Spendor Speaker, the SP100R2 continues to set the standard by which other full-size loudspeakers must be judged.  It is a testament to Spendor’s unique understanding of cabinet design.  Critical positioning of the drive units and internal enclosures control and reduce unwanted resonances to an absolute minimum. Features include:

  • Spendor 18cm midrange drive unit with phase correction design
  • Audio grade crossover components with gold conductors
  • Silver plated pure copper internal cables
  • Gold plated binding posts on the rear
  • Temperature stabilized rubberized cabinet damping pads
  • Classic thin-wall design to reference standards

We invite all of our customers to come in and hear the excellence. These beautiful speakers are currently ready to demo at our retail showroom in Metairie, LA. Please come in and see for yourself why we think these are some of the best speakers on the market.

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