Mantra – “A sound that can create change.”

Mantra – “A sound that can create change.”

It’s no secret that the Danish have been producing some incredible HiFi products throughout the last 10 years, and System Audio is keeping that momentum going strong with their current lineup of speakers. The Mantra 10 bookshelf speaker is one of the biggest sounding, little speakers I’ve ever heard, and that’s precisely why I’ve decided to write this article. If you’re in the market for a new pair of bookshelves, or if you just want a smaller pair of speakers for your existing system, these should definitely be on your short list of options.


System Audio was founded by Ole Witthoft back in 1984 with the goal of creating a smaller loudspeaker that was less dependent on technical specifications and more focused on natural, detailed reproduction of music. Ole was quoted saying,

”There were no loudspeakers that could reproduce the music in a live way. Most of them sounded boring. If you do not hear the details of the sound or sense the feeling because the reproduction is too poor, then you will never experience how exciting music can be. I wondered why the loudspeakers were competing about the best technical specifications when it is the sound that matters”.

Since the companies inception in the late eighties, Ole Witthoft still remains an integral part of the design process as the head of System Audio’s R&D department. One of the many products he had a hand in designing was the Mantra series of speakers.

The Mantra 10 really packs a punch for it’s small stature, measuring a sprightly fifteen inches tall. They only require a meager fifty watts of power to be driven, and that output wattage can be provided by tube, Class A/B, or Class D amplification. The System Audio speakers aren’t as choosy when it comes to the amp as a lot of other speakers in their league. They offer that same flexibility in regards to genre specific music playback. They seem to be just as qualified at reproducing classical music as they are at pounding out hard rock, and everything in between. The accurate but powerful sound is capable due to System Audio’s XL technology. Basically, the smaller drivers are afforded a much longer excursion that enables dynamic and authoritative playback of music. The Mantra 10 also features a D’appolito phase aligned tweeter. By placing the tweeter between the two drivers, the speaker’s output remains tight and has a very wide sound stage.

Wilson Audio proudly offers the System Audio Mantra 10’s and 50’s at our retail showroom located in Metairie, LA. If you would like to hear the difference for yourself, schedule an appointment today!