Paradigm Classics

Paradigm Classics

Wilson Audio has proudly offered the Paradigm Monitor series since it’s inception, and after thirty two years, Paradigm’s Classic Monitor series is still going strong. Sure, a few of the models have slightly different names, but the spirit of Paradigm’s incredible yet affordable loudspeakers has remained. The monitor series offers satin-anodized pure aluminum domes, carbon-infused pure-aluminum bass/midrange cones and polypropylene bass cones. They feature wire mesh tweeters and WaveGuide technology with a clean, linear aesthetic. The entire line is offered in black-ash wood grain veneer finishes.

Monitor 11 v7

The Paradigm Monitor 11 version 7 is the largest speaker in the series. Boasting an impressive three dedicated low frequency drivers, the Monitor 11 is somewhat “subwoofer optional”. Historically bass heavy speakers lack clarity in the mid and upper ranges, but the Monitor 11 doesn’t have that issue. It provides the punch necessary for genres like hard rock, hip-hop, and electronic music, but will still offer the emotion and nuance required for classical and jazz playback. The Monitor 11 is also a popular choice for multi-channel surround sound A/V applications. When utilized as the front left and right speakers in a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system, they are an excellent choice that is capable for both music and movies. Like all the speakers in the Monitor series, the 11’s are quite efficient and don’t require enormous amounts of wattage to operate. The type of amplification is very flexible for these speakers, as they sound fabulous on digital, solid state, and tube amps.

Monitor 9 v7

The little brother to the Monitor 11, the Monitor 9 has most of what we’ve come to love from it’s larger relative. This is an impressive full range loudspeaker that is very well suited to the playback of bass heavy music, as well as home theater applications. It features two dedicated low frequency drivers made of the same polypropylene materials as the Monitor 11’s. It also sports the same overall design as the 11, but in a slightly smaller package. The Monitor 9’s incorporate the same materials and attention to detail as the rest of the Monitor series. These would be great speakers in a smaller two channel configuration, or as the front left and right speakers in a multi-channel system.

Monitor 7 v7

The closest relative to the Monitor 9 in the series is the Monitor 7. It features the same drivers found in the Monitor 9, but with one less low frequency driver. These speakers are a great option for environments that can’t accommodate larger speakers, but require a speaker capable of filling the room with full, rich sound. The smaller form factor will still impress the most discerning audiophile, and has a slightly tighter mid-range than it’s larger counterparts. These would be best in a smaller listening room, or as floor-standing rear channel speakers in a surround sound system.

Mini Monitor v7

The larger of the two bookshelf speakers in the Monitor series, the Mini Monitor speakers represent a fantastic value for what they offer. These are a great option for people seeking an affordable yet powerful bookshelf speaker. They have the same large machined speaker posts as the floor-standing speakers, and the overall design continuity of the series. When paired with the factory MB series mounts, they can easily be wall mounted if desired. They are equally at home mounted high up as rear channel speakers, as they are on a home office bookshelf. You would be hard pressed to find a more balanced speaker in this price range.

Atom Monitor v7

The smallest speaker in the Monitor series, but one of the most popular is the Atom v7. It’s become a “go too” option for dorm rooms, garages, guest bedrooms, and anywhere else you would like to fit a system, but don’t have much room. Also a tried and true rear channel speaker, the Atom Monitors can be wall mounted with the Paradigm MB series of  mounts. These two way speakers are some of the best that can be bought under $500.

The Paradigm Monitor series has established a legacy of affordable audio products, and with their new Prestige & Persona series they have something for everyone. If you would like to hear the difference yourself, please come to our retail showroom located in Metairie, LA. We have the full Monitor series available to demo, and the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the most out of your system.