Aurender A-10 music streamer

Aurender A-10 music streamer

Aurender is now available!

We are pleased to announce that Wilson Audio is now an authorized Aurender dealer, and we are currently demoing their monstrously popular A-10 digital music streaming system. At a glance the A-10 appears similar enough to other hard drive enabled music streaming devices, but under the hood lurks a beast. With dual 32bit/768Hz DAC chips, a four TB hard drive, and a hundred and twenty GB solid state drive cache (dedicated to unpacking any tracks currently in your playlist), the A-10 is our best option for enjoying your digital music collection.

The proprietary Aurender Conductor app offers superior integration with Tidal’s music streaming service, and is capable of decoding the increasingly sought after mQa (Master Quality Authenticated) file format with ease. It features both balanced XLR and single ended RCA analogue outputs, as well as, four individual high output toroidal power transformers. All of this attention is being given to the analogue stage, simply because there aren’t many DACs available that could outperform the A-10’s internal DAC. Therefore, making sure the analogue outputs are up to snuff alleviates any need to run this unit through an external digital to analogue converter. For those that already have a good quality DAC, Aurender is currently working on a firmware update that will offer the Aurender streaming devices the ability to perform front end decoding of digital musc. This means that you will be able to enjoy mQa & DSD files in their native format regardless of your current DAC’s ability to decode those file extensions. If you are interested in upgrading your current BlueSound, Heos, Sonos, or Play-Fi hardware, you should definitely consider the Aurender A-10.

Come on down to our retail showroom located in Metairie, LA today to hear the Aurender A-10 for yourself. We are confident you will agree that this is the highest quality music streaming device available on the open market.

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