Cambridge Audio AXR-100

Cambridge Audio AXR-100

Cambridge Audio’s new AXR-100 integrated amp has released, and just like previous models offers a huge value for entry to mid level hobbyists. Unlike a lot of the competitors in this price range, Cambridge is still using the superior Class A/B amplifier stage instead of a cheaper Class D (digital) amplifier. This one feature alone sets it apart, but that’s not even half the story….

Boasting an impressive 100 watts per channel, the AXR-100 is capable of driving most of the speakersin our shop. It features A/B speaker outputs as well, so switching between two sets of speakers doesn’t require changing cables. It can also be used to simultaneously run two pairs of efficient speakers (like in-ceilings). A dedicated subwoofer output rounds out the output options.

As far as inputs are concerned, the new Cambridge integrated has you covered. The AXR-100 features a high output moving magnet phono input, two optical tos-link inputs, a single digital coaxial input, three analogue RCA inputs, one 3.5mm stereo input, and AptX bluetooth connectivity. It also includes an AM/FM tuner with antennae. The internal menu system offers EQ settings and assignable volume curves.

The Cambridge Audio AXR-100 is the spiritual successor to the insanely popular Topaz SR-20. Really the only change made was the addition of bluetooth connectivity, and a more sophisticated D.A.C. (the price didn’t even change…) This unit represents a huge value, and can find a home with audiophiles at all levels. 

Wilson Audio is proudly demonstrating the Cambridge Audio AXR-100 at our retail store in Metairie, LA. If you’re interested in hearing it for yourself, come on down for a demo before they’re all gone (again)…